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April 11, 2016 -- It's akin to the alien reptilian civilization that exists inside the moon. 

You can't see it, but you know it's there. 

It takes special esoteric insight to sense the racism plaguing University of Washington black students. 

If you ask a benign question such as, "What are you doing here?" the hyper-sensitive negro can tune in on the underlying racism that prompted the question. 

The lunatic left even has a Sokal term for the offense. It's called a "micro-aggression."

Micro-aggressions come in two forms: First, is stuff white people say or do and, second, is stuff white people don't say or do. 

Had the white student not asked the black student, "What are you doing here?" his silence would have been understood as implicit racism. 

Black students bereaved by the perplexing subliminal white racism seem to have something in common: Largess. 

While their African cousins still face bouts of drought and starvation, the black students at the University of Washington have a more pressing problem: White people are trying to kill them with the proliferation of fast food. 

Think of the golden arches as a cross burning on a warm summer night in Alabama.

In case you surmise that micro aggressions are a hoax, I'm here to set the record straight. 

Who knows? I may have black ancestors! 

That, I figure, explains why white people are so rude to me when I cut in line at Walmart. It also entitles me to forty acres and a mule. 

I once was approached by a white guy who asked me where he could find cottage cheese. The fact that the man assumed I was a professional Walmartian is a micro-aggression. Only lowly black people would be employed by Walmart. Apparently the man saw through my straight blondish hair, white skin, and blue eyes. 

Cottage cheese? Isn't that white? 

The fact that black Americans enjoy the fruits of Western innovation is nothing more than a mere cover for the insidious white racism Caucasians harbor in their wicked hearts. 

Here's more figuring. 

I figure white people invented the airplane to make blacks feel inferior. The white Canadians who discovered how to administer insulin to prolong the lives of blacks worldwide was an insidious plot to prolong their misery in a white-privileged world. 

White people also invented Air Jordans. The shoes bear the name of a noted black athlete and, as such, appeal directly to blacks youths. Behind their veil lies the sinister plot to nudge young black males onto back-lot basketball courts where they are out of sight. It's a micro aggression that can be clearly seen to those who are looking. It's also been suggested that Nike intentionally markets Air Jordans in limited editions to compel black teens to steal the shoes and, upon arrest, be sent off to prison. 

White people invented Liberia, the only nation on earth that requires one to be a black African to obtain citizenship. They created that nation because they don't like blacks and want them out of the USA. 

Whites also created Haiti which sounds similar to Hades to demonize blacks. Yes, you must have the esoteric insights of chubby black college kids to see the racism, but it's there. Believe me. 

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  1. micro aggression - why is that complete fraud president?