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April 30, 2016 -- Our European ancestors used words we could easily understand today, according to a report published in 2013. 

According to

Researchers uncovered language Ice Age people used to communicate - with many of the words still in use today Believe 'superlanguage' may have existed so different groups could communicate Experts say we could 'hold a simple conversation' using the language. 

The research underscores the extent of the current demise of Western culture in our lifetimes. 

Western civilization has enhanced the lives of virtually all humanity through innovation and technological advancements; virtually none of which is appreciated. 

Once the Western infrastructure collapses, those enhancements will rapidly erode plunging humanity into a new paleolithic existence living in "perfect harmony with nature."

The ultimate objective of globalism appears to be the destruction of humanity, reducing the world population to fewer than 500 million. 

Standing in the way of that demise is Western civilization and the continued technological advancements of people of European descent. That is, to destroy humanity, globalists must demonize then destroy white people. 

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