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April 2, 2016 -- The media speak of the changing face of Europe.  

See video below.

We are to assume the displacement of Western culture is inevitable; that we may as give in and make the best of it. 


They manipulate our minds by showing us images of friendly, smiling insurgents; and always include images of cute little children.  

Those who oppose the displacement of Western culture are stereotyped and stigmatized as xenophobes and racists.

We are convinced that white males are guilty of subjecting women to submission when, in reality, Western culture has always valued women; even as Middle Eastern culture considers women property or sex slaves and Far Eastern culture continued to embrace polygamy well into the 20th century. 

Our history is blatantly distorted. We are made to feel ashamed of who we are simply because of who we are. 

There is no longer a hidden agenda. The regressive left — as seen in video below — is quite upfront about their intentions. Only fools, they suggest, would try to stand in the way. 

While the United States was flooded with illegal aliens from Latin America, Western Europe was being flooded with Middle Easterners. Few migrated through the normal process of seeking citizenship. They either crossed the borders illegally, as into the United States, or were allowed to enter en masse are refugees seeking asylum, as into Western Europe. 

Western civilization has enhanced the lives of all humanity through it innovation and inventions; most noticeably, healthcare. That life-enhancing infrastructure is being dismantled and will eventually collapse. The human population will regress to a paleolithic existence, living "in harmony with nature."

And that is the end objective.

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  1. Diversity is DIVISION and nothing else. Keep this up and the WEST becomes BALKANIZED. How did we let ourselves become so STUPID!