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April 11, 2016 -- Some say that Jim Crow laws were an expression of white racism. Others contend they existed to protect us from pervasive black violence. 

A black-on-white attack was video recorded in Washington state last week that lends credence to the second explanation. 

A female manager at a Jack in the Box restaurant was violently attacked by a black patron. Reports say the attacker was a regular customer who frequently complained about his orders. 

Fortunately the woman seemed to get the best of the attacker. 

Local media appears to be under pressure to censor reports of black on white violence. 

If readers are aware of a news report in which a white male customer attacked a black female restaurant manager because he was displeased with his order, please provide a link in the comment section. We are determined to be fair, balanced, and objective in our reporting of racist crimes.

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  1. Mad because they didn't have any watermelon?

  2. Nothing surprising here. Blacks are very volatile especially when they want something for free and are told no.
    Had something similar happen at a local burger king. Black guy gets a dollar menu sundae but wants something better fo' free and when refused, attacked the manager.

  3. Black people sure take their fast food pretty seriously.