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April 30, 2016 -- A persistent blight on American culture is the violent crime that permeates our nation's urban centers. 

It's an ugly truth that many of us ignore. 

The regressive left pretends it doesn't even exist. 

Prior to the advent of the Internet and the proliferation of video devices, violent black crime was seldom witnessed by privileged white liberals who prefer their psychotic delusions over coarse reality. 

The average IQ among black Americans is 85. About half of all blacks in the nation possess intellects south of that threshold. It is there that denial begins and violence proliferates. 

Ignoring it won't make it disappear. Those unfamiliar with the realities of black violence are often stunned upon their first encounter. White liberals are only familiar with the civil behavior of blacks portrayed on television and the cinema. 

White liberals must understand that they are complicit to black violence when they encourage it by ignoring it. 

One would think that after generations of being exposed to Western culture, acculturation would occur. Many black have, in fact, acculturated with Western civilization, proving it not to be impossible. Many others have not, leading us to conclude that behavior is innate; not influenced by environment but driven by genetics. 

The below video was recorded in New York City near a restaurant that features Mexican cuisine. The behavior is normal in America's black neighborhoods.

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