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April 12, 2016 -- White colonists are accused of exploiting the mineral wealth of sub-Saharan Africa. 

Seldom mentioned is the fact that Western culture introduced advanced technology to black Africans after millenia of paleolithic existence. 

As the colonial era ended, black Africans were left to their own devices. Even after decades of exposure to advanced technology, black Africans were unable to acquire the skills necessary to maintain that technology. 

The reason is apparent: The average IQ of black Africans is about 69. Persons with IQs below 70 are consider retarded. 

While the regressive left pretends white colonists were racists who exploited the mineral wealth of Africa, it fails to acknowledge the wealth of technology whites introduced to Africans. 

Berating black Africans for their inability to function at an intellectual above mental retardation does nothing to enhance their lives. Likewise, demonizing white colonists for introducing advanced technology does nothing to help black Africans. 

Below: Watch teacher berate a black student while she appears to attempt to beat geometry into his head. Berating blacks for not learning is cruel when they cannot learn due to limited intelligence. 

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  1. An Asian man states the obvious and nothing will happen. If a White man had said those things he'd just be raciss and blacks would riot.