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April 11, 2016 -- Not in America. Yet. 

But in Sudan the use of government sanctioned force includes rape. 

Ask Safiya Ishaq. The 24-year-old woman was snatched off a street in Khartoum, Sudan where she was beaten and raped. 

Her abductors were police. 

Her offense? Being an indecent girl. At least that's what the thugs told her. 


“They threw me on the ground and were beating me, and kicking me with their boots,” she said, recounting the incident in a recent Human Rights Watch report. “They accused me of distributing fliers … and insulted me, saying I am a communist and an indecent girl.

“When I woke up I found two men holding my legs, and the other one raping me,” she continued. “Three of them took turns, and raped me. I was in a lot of pain. My hands were tied with my headscarf.”

Ishaq is an artist, and an active member of Girifna, a youth movement that participated in the anti-government protests, which gripped Khartoum during the time of the Arab Spring uprisings in 2011. However after being targeted by security forces—and violently sexually assaulted only two weeks after the January protests—Ishaq was forced to leave Sudan two months later.

She is one of several female activists and Sudanese human-rights defenders to share her story in a recent Human Rights Watch report titled “‘Good Girls Don’t Protest’— Repression and Abuse of Women Human-Rights Defenders, Activists and Protesters in Sudan.”

“While this is a report about the conflicts in Sudan, it is meant to focus on the unique ways that the conflict affects women,” Jehanne Henry, a Senior Researcher in the Africa Division of Human Rights Watch and the author of the report, told The Daily Beast.

“There are all kinds of ways that gender can be used as a tool, or a weapon, against women,” she continues. “They are using it as a way to silence them—threatening to rape them repeatedly, and harm their reputations.”
Now, imagine your wife, sister, daughter or granddaughter enduring the same treatment. Currently the United States, Canada, and Western Europe are on an unimpeded trajectory that will culminate in Sharia being integrated in our legal system. 

Islam is the world's oldest, largest, and deadliest hate group. It currently controls 50 of the world's 196 countries. While Islam is on the take, the regressive left is hand wringing over the Confederacy; a nation that existed for four short years more than 150 years ago.

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More racist hate crime reports at [click here]

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