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March 29, 2016 -- Want to get rich? Ask a witchdoctor in Malawi, Africa for advice.

Warning: You may not like what you hear. 

Malawi is a small country in east sub-Saharan Africa.


Malawi police say witchdoctors are convincing gullible Africans that incest is the key to unlocking one's hidden richest. 

Superstition reigns in Malawi. 

One African was found casting demons out of a cockroach; apparently upon the advice of a witchdoctor. 


A 36-year-old man from Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, is one of the men who is now in custody on incest charges, said Lilongwe police.

Police spokesperson, Kingsley Dandaula, told News24 that the superstitious man had been netted for allegedly having sex with his 17-year-old daughter.

“The superstitious man sweet-talked his daughter that they would become rich if he had sex with her. The daughter succumbed to her father's demand. The secret is now out because the daughter is pregnant,” he said.

According to Dandaula, the daughter allegedly told her mother that she had been impregnated by her father. His irate wife, who was married to the man for 18 years reported the matter to the police. He was then arrested.

The incident is not an isolated case.

Malawi police spokesperson, Nicholas Gondwa, said more than 1 300 men were arrested for defilement and incest crimes last year.

“We are arresting many people because of superstition-related incest and defilement cases. The rate of sexual offences is scary,” Gondwa said.

“Those who for the reason of superstition or male chauvinism will continue to engage in sexual offences should realise one thing: having sex with minors is not a passport to riches but an automatic passport to jail. We will continue arresting them."

Superstitious nation

Columnist Sellina Nkowani, writing for local paper, The Nation, recently branded Malawi "a superstitious nation".

“Malawi is a very superstitious nation… Malawian – educated or uneducated, well-travelled or not are superstitious. The only difference between those in the village and those living in air-conditioned houses in cities, is that the former believes in witchcraft while the latter believes in demons. "This is why prophets are mushrooming everywhere and I have to say they are also doing quite well in urban area – both in brainwashing and making money,” opined Nkowani.

She added, “Sometime back, I visited a friend. What I found shocked me to the core. I found my friend in the middle of praying and casting out demons in a cockroach. According to my good friend, cockroaches are used by the devil to attack people. Forget that this friend’s place is usually untidy, hence inviting cockroaches. That’s the level of superstition apparent in Malawi.”

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