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March 22, 2016 -- Many students matriculating at British universities don't know how to use Western toilets. 

Before they can learn engineering, calculus, or other fields of study, they must first earn a master's degree is proper pooping. 

The University of Sheffield, for example, has posting instructions in school loos and printed instructions sheets. 


The signs explain basic toilet techniques, such as: 'Do not put toilet paper on the floor' and 'put toilet paper in the toilet bowl and flush.'

Some also demonstrate the rules through graphics.

One card, shows students how to sit on the toilet and urges them not to stand on the seat as it reads: 'Please leave this toilet as you wish to find it. No standing on seats.'

This image was posted on the 'Spotted: University of Sheffield' page under the caption: 'SPOTTED: We really needed this advice?'

The post received hundreds of responses and the seriousness of the signs was questioned by disbelieving students.

One person commented: 'Please tell me this was made by a student as a joke.'

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  1. No plumbing where they come from obviously, yet they're somehow qualified to go to school in the Western, civilized world - Hmmmm.


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