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March 18, 2016 -- The mayor of the Baviaans Municipality in Eastern Cape, South Africa was beaten by savages Friday. 

The attack came amidst a strike by municipality employees seeking wage parity.

Reports say the mayor was beaten with a knobkierie; a pole with a knob at the end.


The mayor of the Baviaans Municipality was reportedly “knocked on the head with a knobkierie” on Friday morning.

The attack‚ according to the Democratic Alliance (DA) , happened in Ewald Loock’s Willowmore office by striking municipal workers.

“This thuggery must be stopped‚” said the party’s constituency leader‚ Dr Malcolm Figg‚ who added that an appeal at “provincial level” will see the Public Order Policing Unit being deployed to Willlowore in the southern Cape.

“The local Willowmore police have failed to act and ensure that the striking workers do not damage municipal property and assault employees in keeping with a court order‚” Figg said.

The municipal workers are striking over pay parity “as a result of the Rietbron-area being added to the Baviaans Municipality”‚ said Figg.

Resolving the issue “needs the intervention of the Sarah Baartman District Municipality and the Department of Cooperative Governance”‚ he said.

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