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March 4, 2016 -- An individual described as a "menace" by neighbors has been charged with first-degree murder.

The crime was committed in a crowded exercise room in a Chicago high-rise apartment building. 

The victim 45-year-old Darrin Joss was shot in the head and chest while using a stationary bike. 


A wheelchair-bound man was charged in a deadly shooting at a gym in a high-rise in Chicago's Fulton River District.

Here is this week's radio show: 


Reggie Daniel, 48, was charged with first-degree murder overnight.

A source close to the victim said Daniel was a "menace" in the building, saying several neighbors received death threats from him.

Police said around 7 p.m. Wednesday, Daniel shot 45-year-old Darrin Joss in the head and chest. The victim was on a stationery bike inside a packed workout room on the eighth floor of an apartment building at 555 West Kinzie Street when he was killed.

Investigators said Daniel left the scene after the shooting and turned himself in at police headquarters early Thursday morning.

"Relieved I guess, you know that there's no one out on the loose anymore and that we can go about our lives," said resident Paul Cipollone.

In a statement released early Friday morning, police said the victim was shot after a verbal altercation. Neighbors said the two men had often argued about the suspect flirting with Joss' girlfriend. A source close to Joss said Daniel was constantly hitting on Joss' girlfriend and even touched her. And a day before his murder, "666" was written on Joss' car. The source also claims Daniel also harassed several other women in the building, causing confrontations, but complaints were allegedly shrugged off by building management.

However, resident Deniz Tumer said she never had a problem with him.

"He just seemed like a normal man, nothing," she said. "Not a bad vibe."

Joss was a futures trader, described by many as the life of the party.

"He was a big Iowa guy. So he was always wearing his Iowa gear and what not, and he was pretty cool as far as talking to him about football, whatever it is," Cipollone said.

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  1. The high rise where the murder took place is an upscale rental building in a nice, convenient area of Chicago. Some renters are charged $4,500 a month. Meanwhile,thanks to Section 8 government housing,one also has people living next door that pay next to nothing.The murderer was disabled from a shooting long ago.This is the kind of element tax payers are forced to live with. He drove a nice car,lived in a luxury apartment. Due to low impulse control,a man is dead, and a family is destroyed. The murderer will no longer live in luxury,but will continue at taxpayers expense to be housed in another home,called prison.

  2. Free Living Section 8 Negro Gang-banger, Reggie Daniel, Who Has Been On The Democratic Dole For His Entire Life Murders White Man, Darrin Joss, In Apparent Hate Crime And Chicago Tribune Writes Heartwarming Article About How Nice The Murderer Was and How Nice He Kept His $4,500 Subsidized Apt.

    Please put these (so called) reporters from the Chicago Tribune, Rosemary Regina Sobol and William Lee, on the newly formed Dailykenn "Liberal Media Crimes Against Humanity Watch list"

    These two reporters go above and beyond to fabricate a fairy tale to portray the Free Living Section 8 Negro Gang-banger, Reggie Daniel, as also being the "victim" in what can only be described as a heinous, unprovoked, HATE CRIME against an unarmed defenseless white man.

    The fairy tale begins with the headline imploring that the "Suspects Family in Shock" in order to soften up the reader to the forthcoming fantasy, in which, they dedicate more than HALF of the article to portraying him as, somehow, also a victim.

    With such doozies as "He was a nice guy", "He was also the victim of gun violence" (Black Violence), "He had a good life" and "He has everything he ever wanted" (Provided by Taxpayers), "If you were to go visit his home right now, his home is well kept" (Like this is somehow important to the story other than to further their narrative), "He had a nice car" and "Nice apartment" (While never being gainfully employed his entire life...Taxpayer Expense), "He didn't need anybody to take care of him" (Except of course taxpayers) and of course "He ALWAYS lived in nice downtown apartments" (Showered with heaping piles of government cash)

    Then the Tribune journalist (and I use that term loosely) really get creative by tracking down his former doctor, who hasn't seen him in years, to bolster their fairy tale narrative with a quote "He's a nice guy". Finally they close out their horseshit tale by weaving in this little gem at the end...

    "He was making a four-day trek as part of an awareness and fund-raising event involving sailing Lake Michigan, camping, scaling a building and riding a bicycle, all to show how times are changing for spinal cord injuries" he said "There's a lot to offer paraplegics" before boarding a Chicago Park District sailboat!

    This is what passes as "good" journalism for the Chicago Tribune and the dying Left Wing Liberal Media in Chicago!

    So please sheeple join with these scumbags and open up your hearts to the to the MURDERER...the real victim!

  3. "However, resident Deniz Tumer said she never had a problem with him.

    '"He just seemed like a normal man, nothing," she said. "Not a bad vibe."'

    What does anyone want to bet "Deniz" is black. No surprise she finds this thug's base, violent behavior "normal."