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March 15, 2016 -- If you're not a globalist, you're a nationalist by default. That encompasses most of us. If you're a nationalist who happens to be white, you're a white nationalist. 

Used colloquially, however, the term 'white nationalist' refers to a broad spectrum of white folks who are focused on protecting Western culture. The spectrum ranges from bona fide neo-nutsies to rational intellectuals who see a legitimate need to defend Western culture. 

This loosely organized movement is facing several challenges that need to be addressed. 

Those challenges include: 

1. They have no legal defense organization. 

A mere letter from the ACLU will bring most organizations to their knees; no need for legal action. What's true of the American Civil Liberties Union is also true of the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) and the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center.)

While there are a number of attorneys who self-identify as white nationalists, there is no affinity law group that looks after the interests of white people. 

I once mentioned this to a self-identified white nationalist lawyer and was met with the sound of chirping crickets. 

When a white person is subjected to defamation or slander — such as being mislabeled a 'white supremacist' — that person should have a non-profit legal association to which they can turn for advice and decisive action. 

2. They fight.

White nationalists love to fight ... each other. 

White nationalists frequently circulate memes that read, "No more brother wars." The message implies the folly of white nations warring with other white nations even as Western culture is being displaced by Third-world cultures. Oddly, such memes posted on social media are often followed by white nationalists attacking other white nationalists online. Oh, the hypocrisy!

This may explain why there is no legal defense organization: It would be challenging to find three or more white-nationalist lawyers who can maintain a civil conversation longer than ten minutes. An exaggeration? Probably. But not by much.

Infighting seems to be an unavoidable human trait that is present in most any social group. Infighting can be found in churches, work places, and political organizations. Where there are people, there is infighting. The intensity seems to be more vindictive among white nationalists than other groups I have observed.  

3. They like to accuse each other of being spies. 

It's akin to witch hunting. 

• I once befriended a self-identified white nationalist on Facebook. After 'liking' one of his comments, I was promptly notified by another that the guy was an FBI agent. I thought that odd, considering the alleged spook lives in Canada. 

• I once encountered a group of self-described white nationalists. I made my acquaintance but soon found myself being snubbed. Overhearing their conversations, I realized I had been pegged as an SPLC informer. 

• An extreme example is the white nationalist of note phoned me. I listened (literally) for hours while he made the case against another white nationalist who, he insisted, was a federal agent. I had personally met the alleged offender and was wholly convinced he was not a federal agent. The caller became nonplussed and, after a tirade of profanity filled screeching, demanded that I lie for the good of "the movement" and denounce the alleged offender as a fed. 

Apparently the caller was offended because the "federal agent" had accused him of being a "poison pill" or some other such silliness. 

I've since concluded that the caller is a narcissist who finds white nationalists to be gullible hosts to his parasitical tendencies and perennial witch hunting. His fervor for defending Western values seems secondary to his lust for egocentric loquaciousness. 

He once told me Donald Trump listens to his Internet podcast as does Marine le Pen and 25,000 others. I doubt he has 25 listeners; Trump and le Pen are not among them. He also claims to be a member of the Mensa Society. I doubt that as well and would like to see his certificate.

The caller later accused me of "egging" him on. 

Fortunately, I use Vonage as my phone carrier. It allows business customers to record phone conversations. I also had the foresight to inform the caller to assume he was being recorded and to say nothing he didn't want the whole world to hear. The question is whether or not to post the audio files (there were many such conversations) on my web site. 

Going forward his calls will go unanswered. 

4. They want to drive the firetruck.

The white nationalist movement seems to have an ample supply of loons who see a leadership void and imagine themselves as the person to fill the gap. One young man contacted me on Skype and raved that his good looks qualified him to be the leader of all white people. He was serious. Fortunately, I also record my Skype conversations. The videos are hilarious. 

It's akin to a fire department where the firemen are fighting over who gets to drive the firetruck while the city goes up in flames. 

Over the years I've watched scores of Hitler wannabes scrawling weird-look insignias that always, somehow, remind one of the Third Reich. 

There is a dearth of capable leadership representing white people and Western interests. However, those who design Hitleresque-looking flags at their kitchen table with a pencil and ruler are likely not qualified to fill the need. 

5. They believe their own brain farts. 

Here's a brain fart: America was founded by a conspiracy of Jews and Free Masons. Consequently, Benedict Arnold was a true American hero. What's more, freedom and democracy are evil. What we need is a return to a monarchical form of government and society. It's organic. 

Here's another brain fart: A race of reptilians lives inside the moon. 

I've heard both of these absurdities from white nationalists. Were I a federal agent intent on destroying the credibility of the white nationalist movement, this is exactly the type of crap I would circulate. 

6. They have an unhealthy obsession with Jews and Zionism. 

Ashkenazi Jews are known to possess higher than average intellects and, consequently, tend to out compete others in free-market economies. They also tend to look after their self interests. 

This, however, does not translate into America being controlled by ZOG (Zionist Occupational Government). 

I'm frequently reminded that some Jewish members of Congress possess dual citizenship. I'm also reminded of the tragic attack by Israel on the USS Liberty in 1967. 

I wonder if it occurs to anyone that — were America controlled by a Zionist Occupational Government — the USS Liberty would have belonged to Zionists. Israel would have attacked its own boat. What's more, Jonathan Pollard — the Israeli imprisoned for spying on the United States — would have been spying on his own government. 

If there is a Zionist agenda, it appears to be following the advice of Saul Alinksy's first rule for radicals: “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.”

Some white nationalists tend to have an inflated perception of the influence of Zionism. They see what they believe and, consequently, consign everything from pimples to potholes to Zionism. 

Yes, there is a Zionist conspiracy. Then, again, planning a surprise birthday party is a conspiracy. 

The fact that Jews have been expelled from 109 countries since AD 250 doesn't translate into Barack Obama being a Zionist puppet or Pamela Geller being controlled opposition. Yes, I know Michael Savage's real name isn't Savage. Then, again, my real last name isn't Daily and John Wayne's real last name wasn't Wayne.

Granted, Zionists zealots may not have the best interest of Western culture at heart. But the damage they do is minimal compared to the self-inflicted wounds caused by infighting, witch hunting, egomania, brain farts, moronic conspiracy theories, and real racism

7. Some actually are racists.

Racism, by my definition, is disliking others due to their genetic ethnicity. Disliking someone due to immutable natural characteristics is absurd. Nonetheless, Hollywood has written the script that white people who look after their own interests necessarily dislike non-whites. It's a false equivalence; a script that many white nationalists unwisely follow. 

Conclusion: There is a need for white people to defend their culture and preserve Western civilization. We can, again, do without the infighting, witch hunting, egomania, brain farts, moronic conspiracy theories, and real racism


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  1. Another nice article, Kenn. Thanks!

  2. can't you call a spade a spade, when a tiger eats a child in the village they say its over inflated to blame all tigers! but all tigers would do the same.

  3. >Disliking someone due to immutable natural characteristics is absurd.

    What if that characteristic just so happens to be cannibalism?

    1. A group of genetic cannibals tends to shrink over time ;-)

      Seriously, Mr Kenn is being a voice of sanity here. If we'd &%$'n listen, we might start having some success intead of being written off a whack jobs.