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March 9, 2016 -- A group of urban savages in Philadelphia attacked a motorist. The attack was captured on video. 

After viewing the crime ask yourself, "Why do privileged white liberals like Bernie Sanders avoid black neighborhoods?" describes the crime as occurring in the "rough part of town."

We wonder: What make a geographical area "rough"?

Is it the terrain? Or some other qualifier? 

Fortunately the attackers were unable to break through the victim's window.
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Dashcam video captures a shocking road rage assault where four men cut up a driver, get out their car and try to viciously attack the motorist.

The group punch and pound on the driver's window after they swerve in front of the vehicle travelling down Tasker Street in Philadelphia.

Their attempts are unsuccessful and the motorist makes a lucky escape as the man in the car with the camera behind them watches and phones the police.

Nothing seems to be out of the ordinary as the unidentified man makes his way to a junction.

From listening to the sat nav instructions the car is heading towards Interstate 76, which runs through the heart of the Philadelphia.

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  1. They need some serious lead poisoning.....

  2. This is worse and more dangerous than your GPS leading you into a river or lake.