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March 29, 2016 -- 'Don't demonize Muslims. That will only make them mad. It will lead to more terror attacks.' 

That was the apparent sentiment of a woman killed by Muslims in Brussels last week. 

It's also classic media spin. 


According to an AP report: 

Sascha Pinczowski posted on Facebook after the November Paris attacks that "Ignorant spreading of anti-Muslim sentiment and propaganda does nothing but benefit ISIS." The 26-year-old Pinczowski was a Dutch national living in New York. She and her brother, Alexander, were among those killed in Brussels.

We wonder if that logic will apply to other groups:

Have you ever heard a leftist loon say, "Don't criticize neo-Nazis. It will only make them more violent?"

It's a blame-shifting strategy that the regressive lavishly applies to most every violent act committed by anti-Western thugs. 

Note how blame-shifting is being applied to violent disturbances at Donald Trump campaign events. The regressive left blames Trump's "inflammatory speech" for inciting the violence. It's all Trump's fault.  

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