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March 18, 2016 -- Christos Stylianides says the European Union has a moral obligation to accept all asylum seekers. Turning them back is "against our EU values," he said. 

The EU commissioner in charge of immigration threw a hissy fit when posed with the question of adopting the Australian strategy for managing "refugees".

Australia intercepts refugee boats and returns them to their destination. 

A deal reached between the EU and Turkey will open the borders allowing 77 million "refugees" the legal right to invade Britain. The population of Britain is currently 64.1 million. 

The "refugees" are almost exclusively Muslims invading Europe to sop up generous welfare benefits provided by treasonous government officials at taxpayer expense. 

Nearly all the insurgents are from countries where the average IQ is about 85. Few of the Muslim parasites have anything to offer to their host nations. 

Traitors in EU governments encourage the insurgents to invade their nations by allowing them to pose as asylum seekers who are fleeing the 1,400-year conflict that has been raging in the Middle East since the foundation of Islam. 

The intent of the traitors is to reduce the economic disparity between Western nations and Third-world countries; a disparity that is caused by a disparity in intelligence. The prosperity of free-market economies correlates with the average intelligence of its citizens. By flooding Europe and the United States with persons of low intelligence, Marxism hopes to narrow the economic disparity. 

Europeans who oppose the invasion are stigmatized as xenophobes, Islamophobes, and racists. 


Christos Stylianides, the EU commissioner in charge of immigration, enraged Eurosceptics by insisting that turning boats full of migrants round and sending them back to Turkey or Libya is “against our EU values.”

Mr Stylianides is said to have to become angry when he was asked why the EU has not adopted the Australian system of sending boats full of illegal migrants back to their point of origin.

The revelation came as EU leaders threw open the Continent’s doors to Turkey in a deal to tackle the refugee crisis.

Talks to start the Turkish accession to EU membership process will now start in days and will eventually give its 77million citizens the right to come to the UK.

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  1. And how many "refugees" is Mr. Stylianides hosting in his house while they wait>