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March 28, 2016

DAILYKENN.com -- We'd like to thank the Hollywood liberals, social justice warriors, self-serving politicians, and inhumane globalists for making South Africa the worst nation on earth to raise children.

Europhobes once condemned South Africa's apartheid government for abusing black people. They portrayed apartheid as supremely evil. 

Tragically, South Africans now suffer under a one-party monopoly masquerading as democracy. The current corrupt government is are worse than apartheid. 

Few will admit it. Also supremely evil in the eyes of globalism is to veer from the cultural Marxism narrative that white people are always oppressors (bourgeois) and non-white are always their victims (proletariat). 

The fact that white settlers transformed the sparsely populated wilderness of South Africa into high-tech haven that once enhanced the lives of all its citizens, is ignored. 

Those being hurt the most in South Africa are the children. 

"South Africa has been named as the worst country in the world to raise school-going children aged between five and 14," reports dispatchlive.co.za. "A shocking 77 South African children die out of every 100000 – the highest in the world."

Hollywood liberals don't care. They simply adopt little black Africans and parade them around like trophies of their tolerance. 

From dispatchlive.co.za:

This was revealed by the United Nations Children’s Funds (Unicef) in a two-day conference on education organised by the Global Development Network (GDN) in Lima, Peru last week, which the Dispatch attended.

In her presentation, Unicef’s education, emergency officer for Latin America and the Caribbean, Ruth Custode, said violence was jeopardising the right to education for millions of children around the world.

Custode said South Africa had a high number of homicide incidents where schoolchildren were victims. She revealed that:

South Africa’s 76.94 out of 100000 schoolchildren who died was far higher than in the Congo and Somalia, which are at 12 and eight deaths per 100000 respectively; More South Africa schoolchildren died than anywhere else in the world with 76.94 deaths per 100000, compared to the UK which was at 8.92 and the US at 12.97. These figures included infanticide;

South Africa was ranked second for small arms possession, higher than the US and UK.

She said it was important to build strong, well-educated communities.

“The private sector can play a critical role in achieving strong schools and communities by engaging with local authorities, organisations and society to raise awareness and identify good practices to prevent violence and ensure the right to education in their communities,” she said.

She said violence was impacting badly on education. “You will see that there’s a lot of dropouts at school because of threats and fear.”

She also said many kids faced restrictions in getting to school. Some had to take dangerous routes or were forcefully recruited into criminal activities.

“School and community-based intervention with local authority-based intervention are very important,” she said.

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  1. Blacks with guns is about the worst thing that can happen to a country.


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