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March 17, 2016 -- Bernie was just hired by McDonalds in Vermont. His weekly salary is exactly $500. 

Bernie's home was, unfortunately, burglarized the day he received his first paycheck. The thief made off with about $114 in valuables. 

Bernie was nonplussed. His net income for the week was $386; $500 pay less $114 stolen. 

Bernie took it all in stride and hoped for the future. His annual income — $26,000 — would require stringent budgeting, but he was thrifty and was confident that he could make ends meet. 

The next week Bernie received his second $500 paycheck. Again, a burglar invaded his home and made off with valuables. Oddly, the value of the valuables was $114. 

The crime occurred the third and fourth week; each time Bernie was left with $386. At this rate his net earnings would be only $19,136 for the year. 

Bernie invested his meager resources in a video security system. He hoped to catch the thief red-handed. What's more, he purchased a hand gun and fully intended to plug the thief should he be caught in the act. 

Identifying the thief would be simple: The idiot left a receipt every time he stole from Bernie.

Bernie visited the police department to file a complaint. To his surprise the investigator said there was nothing he could do. The theft was legal. 

"Legal?!" Bernie shouted.

"A burglar is invading my home every week, stealing $114 worth of valuables, and even leaves a receipt with his name on it? How can that be legal?!"

The police detective shrugged his shoulders and noted that the same thief stole from him every week as well. 

The detective produced his paycheck stub. The officer earned $1,082 per week. But the paycheck stub revealed the thief had taken $310.28 from the police officer leaving only $771.72. 

"They steal from me every week," the officer explained. "They've been doing it for years."

"Don't try to stop the thieves," the officer added. "If you do, we'll arrest you."

Bernie was despondent. 

On his way home he stopped at Wendy's for a cheeseburger and a Coke. The costs were $4.19 for the sandwich and $1.69 for the drink. The total bill should have been $5.88, but the cashier demanded $6.23. The thief snatched another 35 cents from Bernie in the form of sales tax. 

Bernie stopped to fill up his clunker at a gas station. The thief struck again.  

Bernie turned off the pump when it reached $10. That was all he could afford after the thief stole from his paycheck. The thief struck again and, again, left a receipt. Bernie paid the thief $1.79, the receipt said, for federal and state excise taxes at a rate of .3081 per gallon. 

His weekly paycheck continued to shrink. 

Bernie was grateful that he was renting a home. At least the thief could not steal property taxes from him. 

Bernie was wrong. He paid $700 per month rent for his small house. The landlord, however, was required to pay $1,225 property tax on the dwelling. He added that tax to Bernie's monthly rent payment. Were it not for the property tax, Bernie would only pay $600 per month. 

The point is: Black crime is often costly and violent. It also shows up in government statistics because it is illegal. 

White crime — taking money or other valuables by force and without the consent of the owner — is far more costly than black crime to most white Americans. 

The last time a black person stole from me was 1970 when two urban savages (my term for alleged black thugs) stole my car. 

In the last 46 years I've not be the victim of direct and overt theft from a black person. Yet every week white people steal from me through taxation. 

Bernie made his way home and sunk into his easy chair to watch television. Intruders broke into his home and, as he was watching television, unplugged it and carried it out the door. 

Bernie was powerless to stop them. 

"What are you doing?!" He shouted. "You can't just barge in my home and steal my television."

One of the thieves smiled as the toted Bernie's TV towards the door. 

"Don't worry, Bernie," the thief said. "We'll give it back to you when you turn 65."

The other thief added, "Next week we're coming to get your toaster. We want to be certain you have a television and toaster when you retire."

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