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March 15, 2016 -- 27-year-old Jasper Garczynski was arrested when his Delta flight landed in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

A teen girl told the cabin crew she'd just "had sex" in the restroom.

The staff discovered the teacher still in the toilet and alerted authorities who later made the arrest. 

Overground Railroad: 
Let them escape white racism and return to Mexico!

While the mainstream Marxist media make much ado about Catholic priests molesting children, they typically give government school teachers a pass. 

To understand the scope of teacher perversion, google the search term "teacher arrested" and behold!

A MAN has been arrested after allegedly having sex with an underage teenage girl in an plane toilet.

Jasper Garczynski, 27, was detained when the girl of 16 emerged from the toilet mid-flight and told cabin crew she’d just had sex.

Delta Airlines staff found Garczynski still in the toilet and informed the authorities, who arrested him upon landing in Salt Lake City, USA.

Garczynski was arrested after investigators claimed the plane was flying over Utah at the time he allegedly had sex with the girl, the Mirror reported.

Utah has complicated age of consent laws which mean a girl of 16 can legally have sex with an adult providing the adult is not more than seven years older than her.

As Garczynski is 11 years older than the girl, that defence would not apply if he is found guilty of having sex with her.

He now faces charges of unlawful sexual activity with a minor.

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  1. Still younger than the 34y/o negro who beat his white 16y/o girlfriend to death in Cincinnati a few weeks ago.