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March 26, 2016 -- Nicole Veneroso, 32, allegedly sent over 11,000 sexual text messages to the love of her life: her 13-year-old student.

Veneroso is a government school teacher in Delaware and, we suppose, a dues-payment member of a teachers union. 


According to

Nicole Veneroso, 32, appeared in raunchy photos and videos the boy’s mother found on his cell phone and showed to officials with Appoquinimink School District, about 50 miles southwest of Philadelphia, according to charging documents cited by The News Journal of Delaware.

The victim confided to a friend that he had phone sex with Veneroso and received topless pictures from her, and their almost-nightly conversations in December showed they had kissed at least once, investigators said.

“I don't understand my feelings,” Veneroso wrote in a text to the boy, the court documents said. "This isn't like me and I'm scared. I am careful and guarded. I don't leave myself exposed and vulnerable, but that's what happened. I don't understand how you have this effect on me. I have fought and denied. I have pushed down feelings, and it's all been for nothing. I want things. I have collapsed. I have fallen ... and I know it will hurt."

Delaware music teacher Nicole Veneroso, 32, is accused of sending thousands of racy texts, pictures and videos to a 13-year-old boy she taught.

Delaware music teacher Nicole Veneroso, 32, is accused of sending thousands of racy texts, pictures and videos to a 13-year-old boy she taught.

Administrators announced in January that Veneroso, a first-year elementary and middle school teacher and longtime private instructor, was under investigation and placed her on administrative leave. The officials banned her from school grounds and from making any contact with students Jan. 27 and then said Wednesday they had fired her. The Delaware State Police arrested her the same day.

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