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March 14, 2016 -- From (Deutche Welle):

"I come from a privileged background,” says Lena. "I know that. My father is a surgeon, and my mother is a physician. We had a house in Miami. I lived for a while in New Zealand. I fully expected I would marry someone from a similar background. I never imagined I would fall in love with someone like Ali."
The term 'privileged,' as most know, is a regressive cue-slash-code word meaning 'white guilt.'

Overground Railroad: 
Let them escape white racism and return to Mexico!

Granted, there may be times when natives fall head-over-heels for newly arrived migrants; after all, had our American ancestors not done so, most of us would not be here. 

Freedom of association is a core value of Western culture. One should have the right to marry and mate with whomever they choose.

Globalism's motive, however, is more sinister than merely playing cupid. Their media in Germany have something insidious in mind. They are promoting inter-mating between native Germans and "refugees" as an avenue to permanency. The end objective is the displacement of Western culture. 

The clue is in the article's title: Finding love in Germany: a road to integration for refugees

Said Ali from the same article:
'Every refugee should have a German girlfriend'
The truth is: Most German women aren't interested in the low-intellect Muslims who impressed their nation with gang rapes on New Years eve. Many, however, will fall head-of-heels after reading such mush. 

Once familial attachments are established, the fusing of cultures becomes permanent. It's a strategy as old as the Neo-Babylonian empire and probably older. 

Globalism's interest in playing cupid is for those who are stupid. Sad to say, there many plump and homely who rue the thought of a future living as old maids. Consequently, they'll settle for the first male that climbs over the fence.

Note the romantic-novel quality to the following; again from

Ali* had just hopped off a midnight train from Munich in Berlin's main railway station and was tired, bewildered. It was mid-September of last year, just weeks after the body of a baby refugee from Syria was found washed up on a beach in Turkey. Ali had arrived in Europe over the Balkan route: to Greece by boat from Turkey, then through Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and Austria.

Lena* was at the station with a small group of women posted at the "Welcome Refugees" stand, and anxious with anticipation. Her friend offered Ali, 28, and his two Iraqi traveling companions a place to stay for the weekend, until Berlin's LaGeSo refugee processing center opened Monday morning.

Before the exhausted men went off with the other woman, Lena, who is 30 and studying for a PhD in political science at Berlin's Free University, jotted her name and telephone number on a scrap of cardboard, inviting Ali to call anytime he needed help.

The next day, he texted Lena to say thanks, in English. She texted back. They met with others for dinner. They texted more. They met more. One morning she brought a large bag of pastries to LaGeSo, and watched in amazement as the IT engineer from Baghdad gave most of them away to hungry refugees waiting outside the processing tents.

They knew it was love

At one point he texted that he was too busy to meet. Lena was crestfallen, wondering whether she was being overbearing. The next day Ali texted her, saying he missed her. And that was when they knew they were in love.

As heads of state are preparing for a summit on March 17 to finalize a deal to check the largest flow of refugees into Europe since World War II, in Germany the next challenge will be integrating them. Last year 1.1 million refugees arrived here.

How long before Hollywood releases a movie based on the love between a Lean and an Ali, complete with the villainous white bigots who object.

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  1. THE KALERGI PLAN THE KALERGI PLAN THE KALERGI PLAN: HORRIFIC AND NAUSEATING origin of the EU. Research this ... the Zionists are rejoicing at this sad story detailed in this article. THEY WANT MOGRELS WHO ARE EASILY CONTROLLED AND THAT IS DIRECTLY STATED in their materials. Search KALERGI PLAN. Thank you.

  2. They want to redo the movie about the Ali going back to his country to marry two cousins and bring them to Germany, he took of course with him his little daughter: allah forbids she could end up like her infidel's mom Lena. So she is under a black potatoe bag.

    Hollywood and the elites can dream. But we won't let this happen. It may though happen to them when they are send away with the refugees back to their countries.

    But the elites hope for a new movie: now the Alis are coming by the millions. No need to go back home. Germany will be transformed to a muslim country. Lena will be forced under the potato bag too, with her five daughters. Ali is away often. He has another wife in Iceland... His sons too have many wives, so many European widows to marry, now that their husbands are dead...