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March 24, 2016 -- The regressive left is desperate for excuses to expunge our cultural heritage. 

In Charlottesville, North Carolina the Confederatephobic mayor wants to remove a statue of cultural icon Robert E. Lee and rename a park currently named in hero's honor. 

The excuse?


It makes passersby feel uncomfortable, they say. 

Oddly, few are concerned for the comfort of white people attacked as the pass through black neighborhoods. 

Our sense of history and heritage is essential to our existence as a distinct culture. It is analogous to the roots of a tree. When the roots are poisoned or severed the tree dies and is hewn down and destroyed. 

When the roots of our culture are poisoned with history revisionism (our founders were racist) and severed (icons, flags, statues removed and heroes disinterred), our culture dies and is discarded. 

Yesterday I overhead actors on television reciting their script. The father apologized to his daughter for his generation's racism. The lesson viewers are to learn: 'Our immediate past is poisoned and should be discarded and ignored. The prior generation harbored flawed thinking. We are the enlightened ones who disavow the white privilege and intolerance of our parents and grandparents.'

The outcome is a generation the disowns it entire history — from the rationalism of parents to the founders of the nation. The root wither and the tree dies. 

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Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy’s March 22 press conference at Lee Park to advocate removing the General Robert E. Lee statue and changing the name of the park drew Confederate supporters such as Virginia Flaggers, who at times shouted down speakers.

“When people come to this park, they should never feel uncomfortable,” said Charlottesville High School ninth-grader Zyahna Bryant after Bellamy introduced her as a “15-year-old warrior.” She has helped spearhead the movement to rid the park of its ties to slavery and the commander of the Confederate army. “We are in 2016,” she said. “Things have changed, and they are going to change.”

Protesters overpowered the voice of Amy Sarah Marshall, who said, “I’m speaking as a gay activist. Throw that in your truck and drive it.” Several members of the crowd joined Marshall behind the podium when she became emotional.

When City Councillor Kristin Szakos took the microphone, a group of supporters lined up in the front of the crowd to block out the cries from protesters.

While a mass of men and women waved Confederate flags and held signs supporting the historic statue, some cupped hands over their mouths and yelled into the crowd statements such as, “What about the white slaves?” and “Heritage not hate!” Several protesters called Bellamy racist. At least four uniformed Charlottesville police officers guarded the park.

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