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March 18, 2016 -- The patriotic but leftist prime minister of Slavakia will remain at the helm of government, in spite of his party losing a majority in the parliament. 

Right-wing patriots made huge gains during the March 5 election. Still, Robert Fico managed to create a coalition government with three other parties.

The biggest surprise in the election was the success of the extreme-right People’s Party-Our Slovakia, led by Marian Kotleba, a regional governor who has spoken favorably of Jozef Tiso, who led a Nazi-backed puppet government during World War II, helped send the country’s Jews to their deaths and was eventually hanged for treason. The party picked up 14 seats in Parliament, but none of the other parties would work with its members during the negotiations over forming a new government.

Mr. Fico had been harshly critical of the Europe’s handling of the migration crisis. Last year, he defied a German-backed plan to require countries in the European Union to accept migrants in proportion to their size and wealth. The Slovak elections were watched closely, because the country will assume the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union for six months, starting on July 1, giving it a prominent say on European affairs.

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