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March 17, 2016 -- Muslims have infiltrated government schools in Birmingham, England using a Trojan horse strategy. 

That, however, may no longer be acknowledge, due to a mandate issued by leftist loon Mike Tomlinson. 

According to Tomlinson the use of the phrase hurts moral among teachers and damages recruiting efforts. 

We believe banned the phrase will hurt moral among teachers and damage recruiting efforts. 

Banning phrases and books is a form
of fascism that controls our thinking
Leftists are quite keen on corralling our thoughts. Earlier this week a cadre of leftist geeks decided teaching English literature by noted white males was too challenging because students "couldn't relate." The educators are opting to replace English literature with multicultural literature that excludes white male culture. 

The effort is no different from Nazis burning books, except the lunatic left may not actually torch the books. Rather, they render them inconsequential and, in so doing, strike the root of English culture by denying students access to their history and heritage. 

Phrase banning is yet another form of book burning. It censors our thoughts by censoring our words and denies us the ability to effectively communicate truth. 

Leftist hate truth. It contradicts their cultural Marxist agenda.  

According to Wikipedia:

Sir Michael John Tomlinson CBE (born 17 October 1942 in Rotherham) is the chair of the Working Group for 14–19 Reform which has been commissioned by the British Government to look into reform of the syllabus and qualifications structure for 14- to 19-year-olds in the English education system.

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  1. It's often the army of bureaucrat who do more damage than the army of soldiers...

    This Tomlinson is maybe not killing his race for ideology, or only ideology, but for a salary.

    And like in your article about white theft, it is Whites that are taking away our white culture, additionally or even more than the non-whites.