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March 4, 2016 -- The European Union is literally paying Islamic insurgents to invade the continent. Taxpayers are forced to fund the demise of their own culture.

Ostensibly, the cash payments are intended to allow the Islamic insurgents to maintain their dignity. Rather than receive humanitarian aid from agencies — such as medicine and food — the invaders are allowed to buy provisions on their own. 

Standing in line to receive handouts is humiliating, according to the globalist logic.

Here is this week's radio show: 


In effect EU officials paying Muslims to invade Europe. 

EU taxpayers are paying for the £550million ($604billion) "disaster" fund.

Photos in included images of a crying "refugee" woman, hijab-clad women with children, and small children holding signs that say, "open." All intended, no doubt, to distract our minds from the crime and corruption caused by Muslim migrants and the potential for terrorist attacks. 

Globalist pretend the insurgents are fleeing war in Syria when, in reality, they are being enticed with cash handouts to invade Europe. 

An EU official admitted the failure of the Commission to handle the crisis meant it was having to set up the type of fund usually reserved for easing humanitarian crises in places such as Africa.

‘For the first time in its history the EU is struggling to deal with wide-ranging humanitarian needs within its borders,’ he said.

‘The Commission wants to learn the lessons from this crisis and prepare for the next one. We should not be caught off guard again whether we have a different or similar crisis that triggers humanitarian needs.’

European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker last night said he was ‘not only concerned but really worried’ about the situation in Greece where around 30,000 people have been stranded after neighbouring countries introduced border restrictions to preventing them from continuing to other parts of Europe.

Greek authorities have asked for around 480 million euros from Brussels to help shelter 100,000 migrants.

At least 11,000 people are camped on the border with Macedonia at Idomeni where numbers are quickly building as only a few hundred are being allowed through each day.

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