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March 24, 2016 -- Such stories are why this web site exists: The national mainstream media won't cover them. 

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A family was heading home after participating in the annual St. Patricks Day Parade. As they walked in downtown Minneapolis the family was surrounded by a mob of "teens." 


One of the men was smashed in the head a pushed against a wall. Fortunately, police managed to surround the family and escort them to their vehicles. He was hospitalized with a broken bone and brain damage. 

The victims were relatives; ranging in age from 8 to 88, according to 

Many white families exist in a surreal state of psychotic delusion regarding American black. They see the myth played out daily before their eyes on television. Unfortunately, it takes such a brush with reality to awaken some out of their delusion. 

Many black children in America are sired by male teens as young as fourteen. They are birthed by single moms and fed with government subsidies. They are typically loosed to run wild in the 'hood like feral animals. On the streets they form cliques which are the closest thing to families they ever know. Upon reaching puberty they recycle. Most have IQs south of 85, can't speak comprehensible English, and amuse themselves with violence that often intentionally targets white people. 

For those who grew up in an urban environment and lived among village-raised feral teens, the mob attack is nothing surprising. It's a normal day of negro violence with which privileged white suburban Americans are wholly unfamiliar. 

Tragically the American media and education infrastructures refuse to acknowledge that such is the norm in every urban center where blacks dwell in large numbers. They deny black mob teen violence because it contradicts the cultural Marxist narrative the blacks are the perennial victims of white oppression. 

Those of us who dare to write the truth are marginalized as outcasts and demonized. We are stigmatized and stereotyped with hate speech and pejoratives including white supremacists and racists

To those arrogant white liberals who insulate themselves in suburban isolation, I suggest you move to the 'hood and take up residence in a housing project.
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For the past eight to 10 years, his family has marched in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Minneapolis, a city he loves and also promotes as one of the board members of the Minneapolis Downtown Council. This year, the holiday was spent with a large group of relatives ranging in age from 8 to 88.

“It was a fantastic event,” said the board member.

Until it wasn’t.

The family had just rolled up its banner when a group of teenagers swerved to pass on Marquette Avenue. The board member’s brother-in-law was a few steps ahead, walking with his young son. As one of the teens passed, he viciously punched the brother-in-law in the face, knocking him into a wall.

“There was a melee going on,” said the board member, who spoke on the condition that his family’s name be withheld. They are all, including children, witnesses to the attack and afraid of retaliation. “We found ourselves surrounded by kids. It was such a blur, I couldn’t tell if there were 25 or 75 kids.”

The man’s teenage son broke through the crowd and found police officers, who rushed to the scene. By then, even more kids had been drawn by the chaos, and police had to surround the family with their bicycles. Officers eventually brought the family members inside a building and blocked the doors with their bikes.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said the board member, a downtown business owner who told his story to the rest of the organization Monday. “It was just so heinous.”

Despite police presence, dozens of kids hovered nearby. The attacker ran off and got away. Police had to surround the victim and his family and walk them to the end of the block to an ambulance, surrounding them with their bikes. The victim, 52, was taken to HCMC for treatment. He suffered a broken maxilla bone and a traumatic brain injury and will miss at least three weeks of work. The victim’s brother was also assaulted, according to the police report.

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More racist hate crime reports at [click here]

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