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March 5, 2016 -- Efforts of the mainstream Marxist media to instill self-deprecation and guilt among whites seem to be working. 

A poll taken in South Africa reveals that 32.0% of whites agree that South Africa is a nation for blacks and that whites must learn to take second place. 

Fewer (28.5%) blacks than whites agreed with the statement. 

58.3% of black disagreed with the statement; more than the 53.7% of white who disagreed. 


When given the statement SA is a country for black Africans, and whites must learn to take second place the responses were as follow:

A report by the Institute of Race Relations (IRR) recently brought to light what South Africans from all walks of life think about the state of race relations in SA at the moment.

The IRR last year commissioned the national survey focusing on members of the public’s attitudes towards race and empowerment.

The report, titled Race: What South Africans Really Think, combined the opinions of 2 245 people from all nine provinces; including people from rural and urban zones. Of all those surveyed, 78.3% were black, 9% coloured, 2.8% Indian and 9.9% white.

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One of the reasons for the report, according to the IRR, was social media comments making it look as if black people hated white people and wanted to drive them out of the country or see them as second-class citizens.

The results, however, paint a very different picture.

In fact, black respondents overwhelmingly disagree that white people should be treated as second-rate citizens… 58.3% in total.

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  1. then america and europe are for whites and blacks need to accept being second class citizens!

  2. Whites created the USA, so I wholeheartedly agree..Except that I would rather see the blacks and muslims leave on their own accord. The crime rate would plummit, our standard of living would increase and we could start becoming a great Nation once again.