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March 27, 2016 -- Police fired water canons at crowds of patriots who stormed a public square in Belgium. 

See video below.

A crowd had gathered to pay tribute at Place de la Bourse in Brussels to those slain in a recent terror attacks. 


Patriots apparently became enraged as Muslim women disrespected the event, and confronted them. 

According the biased mainstream Marxist media the patriots confronted the Muslims with Nazi salutes; a difficult scenario to imagine. 

The media became apprehensive after the last week's terror attacks, fearful that the attacks could incite xenophobia. "Xenophobia" is an irrational fear of foreigners. A rational fear of foreign invaders is called "reason."

Belgian police fired water cannon to disperse a large group of demonstrators who stormed a central Brussels square.

They invaded the Place de la Bourse as people paid tribute at a makeshift memorial for victims of last Tuesday's deadly attacks.

Riot police intervened to try to restore order after the group confronted Muslim women in the crowds, made Nazi salutes and chanted.

The attacks at Brussels airport and on the metro killed 28 people.

A "march against fear" planned for Sunday was called off after the authorities said it would strain police resources for the investigation.

Belgian police also carried out 13 new raids and took more people in for questioning on Sunday as part of investigations into the attacks.

A man already in Belgian custody was reported to have been charged in connection with a foiled attack in the Paris region.

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