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March 13, 2016 -- Thousands of patriots marched in Berlin to demonstrate their opposition the German chancellor Angela Merkel's pogrom of Western genocide. 

See video below.

Deutsche Welle referred to the patriots as "anti-foreigner," a gentler alternative to the "xenophobia" pejorative. 

Overground Railroad:
Let them escape white racism and return to Mexico!

The reports was careful to notify readers that known neo-Nazis were among the patriots, but failed to mention if known communists were among the counter demonstrators. 

Traitors have been known to infiltrate patriot movements and pose as neo-Nazis to besmirch the movement.  

From Deutsche Welle :

An estimated 3,000 right-wing demonstrators protesting against migrants were met by pro-asylum left-wing counter protests in Berlin. Such protests have become a regular occurrence.

Right-wing protesters, including known neo-Nazis, marched through Berlin's government quarter on Saturday, chanting "Merkel must go" and "We are the people" in an anti-immigration rally that drew ten times more people than police had expected.

The right-wing protestors were met by a counter demonstration of roughly 1,000 people from an alliance of left-wing groups, unions, churches and Germany's Turkish Association carrying the banner "Asylum is a right, racism isn't."

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