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March 6, 2016 -- Though considered 'far left,' Slovak prime minister Robert Fico's party won parliamentary elections. Unlike other far-left European politicians, Fico maintains a nationalist perspective that oppose Islamic insurgency. 

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The Direction – Social Democracy (SMER-SD), however, will need to contend with right-wing nationalists who gained ground in the March 5, 2016 election. 

Prior to the election Fico's party maintained a parliamentary majority. 

Fico has vowed not to accept "one single Muslim" migrant.


Slovakia's leftist-nationalist Prime Minister Robert Fico has won the general election but lost his parliamentary majority, almost complete results show.

Mr Fico will now need to find coalition partners to return for a third term.

Gains by small parties, including an extreme right one, may produce a divided parliament with no clear path to forming a majority government.

Mr Fico has vowed not to accept "one single Muslim" migrant.

His country takes over the EU's rotating presidency in July. His hardline views on migration echo those of Polish, Czech and Hungarian leaders.

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  1. "Extreme Right", "Far Left", these are hype terms used by liberals to confuse their opponents. The important issue is whether nations will survive or be washed away by invading immigrants. Economic and social issues are secondary, and homogeneous nations can usually find solutions that most of the population will accept.