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March 14, 2016 -- Liberia — a nation where only blacks are allowed to be citizens — is the ideal safe space. Oppressed black Americans need such a safe space as they flee from white oppression. 

Let's open our borders, create an overground railroad, and shuttle any black person who feels oppressed in our nation from America to the shores of Liberia. 

What's more, huddled masses of Hispanics who feel disenfranchised due to illegal alien status should also be allowed to flee to freedom in Mexico or Valenzuela. 

Muslims oppressed by Western virtues that disallow wife-beating and blowing stuff up must be given free pass to Islamic safe spaces in the Middle East. 

Neo-feminists must be given an exit visa via the overground railroad to countries where they will not be objectified by white male privilege. 

• White privilege, micro-aggressions, trans-generational trauma caused by slavery, being objectified by white males, etc., has made living in America untenable for some persons of color and feminists. 

The solution is clear: Let these huddled masses yearning to be free escape from the Western-culture tyranny that reigns in America.

No one should be forced against their will to use Western innovations such as electric lights, iPhones, Air Jordans, and advanced health care. Nor should they be humiliated by being forced to dial '1' for English. 

Forcing people of African descent to speak English is, in fact, one of many ethnic misappropriations, as are being compelled to wear hair hats and driving automobiles. 

We propose an overground railroad that will allow huddled masses to escape to Mexico, Liberia and the Middle East. 

Let's let these people escape Western oppression to the freedom of third-world countries. 

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  1. Great idea!Can we also have an underground railway for notoriously vindictive, narcissistic gays and transgenders?