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March 12, 2016 -- There is absolutely no reason why oppressed minorities and disgruntled white leftists should be forced to live under the heal of America's white-privileged culture. 

Therefore, we call upon the federal government to open our borders with Mexico allowing the oppressed to flee to the freedom and equality afforded by Mexico and other Latin American countries. 

Oppressed minorities and disgruntled leftists
fleeing to Mexico
Furthermore, we believe it is incumbent that oppressed Muslims be transported at government expense to Islamic-dominated nations where they may freely worship, commit acts of mayhem, rape, pillage, and blow stuff up without interference by Islamophobic Americans. 

We call for an end to oppressed minorities and disgruntled white leftists being forced to indulge in iPhones, advanced healthcare, and other technological evils imposed upon them by our free-market, capitalist economy. 

Overground railroad: Muslims fleeing
xenophobia and Islamophobia in Western Europe
Further we call for an end to cultural misappropriation. No Hispanic or Latino should be forced to dial "1" for English and no person of non-European heritage should feel the sting of social pressure to wear Western-style clothing, hair hats, be exposed to Christmas celebrations, or be forced to view Confederate flags. Therefore we demand the establishment of an overground railroad to allow the disenfranchised and oppressed huddled masses to flee to Mexico. 

We demand the oppressed and disenfranchised be allowed to escape micro-aggressions, white privilege, trans-generational trauma caused by slavery and other racist hate crimes by being transported to a safe space: Mexico. 

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Overground Railroad: 
Let them escape white racism and return to Mexico!


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