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March 7, 2016 -- 


It’s taken over 30 years for me to write this letter.

I didn’t have the words before, or the clarity, or the courage. But, today I do. Today, I can see how a few fleeting moments changed who I am all those years ago.
Kenn interviews Colin Flaherty

I bet you never thought that I would remember you. I was only three years old. I was just a baby. But, my first vivid childhood memory includes you. You were sitting at the kitchen table with my daddy playing a board game. The game looked like an old map. You and daddy spent hours moving little soldiers, tanks, and horses around that board. You extended your arm to me, and I accepted your invitation.

As I sat on your lap, with my daddy across the table, you put your hand under my dress. Your large hand rested on my thigh for a moment. Then, you pulled my panties aside, and you touched my little, tiny body. The sensation startled me. I jumped. My knees hit the table. The game pieces scattered around the table. Daddy yelled at me, and I went in the other room, believing that I had done something wrong.

That was not the only time you touched me. It happened many times after that, but you know that already. What you don’t know, is that I called my lady bits my “tickle” for years after that. It was the only word I knew for the way it felt to be touched there.
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Kenn interviews Colin Flaherty

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