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March 9, 2016 -- A leaked police report reveals that over 30 percent of prisoners in Germany are foreigners. 

The number of foreigners in Poland, by comparison, is 0.3%.


More than 30 per cent of prisoners in Germany are “foreign”, a much higher proportion than other European countries, the Council of Europe has found.

In one state, foreigners made up an astonishing 96 per cent of incarcerated peoples.

Of the 65,710 prisoners in Germany this year, 19,592 were “foreigners”, the so-called ‘Space study’ presented this Tuesday in Brussels revealed. The European average is 8 per cent less, sitting at 22 per cent.

By foreigners, the authors of the study meant anyone in possession of non-German or duel citizenship. If “foreigner” was taken to include people with a migrant background, then the figure would likely be even higher.

In Poland, which is currently governed by an anti-mass migration right wing government, the percentage of foreigners populating jails is just 0.3.

In Monaco, meanwhile, which has a foreign population of about 78 per cent, 96.4 per cent of the prison population was foreign.

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