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March 3, 2016

stock photo -- A 12-year-old Iraqi girl was forced to execute five women, including a physician who refused to treat Islamic combatants. 

The executions took place in Nineveh, Iraq Wednesday, March 2, 2016. 

In response to the abuse, feminist leaders in the United States said, "         ."


A local source in Nineveh revealed on Wednesday, that a girl belonging to the so-called ISIS executed five women in western Nineveh.

The source reported by, “This evening, a 12-year-old girl belonging to the so-called ISIS executed five women, including a doctor who refused to medicate ISIS members that were wounded in a coalition’s bombardment, by firing squad in al-Ghazlani Camp.”

“This execution is considered to be the first of its kind to be implemented by a small girl within ISIS,” the source added.

Here is this week's radio show: 


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  1. I think that you underestimate the feminist leaders. They are aware of the damage that Muslims do to women, but they also are aware of the need to keep the anti-white male alliance together. So they keep a lid on their feminist reactions. The same situation with Black, Hispanic, and Asian attacks on women. When a final solution to the white man problem is achieved, feminists may take a different approach to these men.

  2. So this is female "empowerment" in Iraq?