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March 8, 2016 -- A refugee camp in Greece exploded in violence this week and Islamic insurgent fought with each other.

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Violence has once again broken out in a Greek refugee camp with blood-spattered migrants seen battering one another with rocks in an apparent fight over a loaf of bread.

Kenn interviews Colin Flaherty 

Last month armed police officers fired tear gas at crowds of people in the village of Idomeni on the Greek-Macedonian border, after a group of asylum seekers busted through a razor-wire fence.

Some 13,000 people are living in the refugee camp - and there are fears of more violence if the 'Balkan route' from Greece through to Europe is closed.

More than 985,000 have travelled along it since the start of last year. 

News of the violence came as it emerged Turkey is seeking an extra three billion euros in aid under a deal with the EU to curb the flow of migrants to the continent.

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