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March 21, 2016

DAILYKENN.com -- Invading Muslim insurgents are apparently cued on how to handle patriots: Call them racists; they will duck their tails a run. 

In Norway a woman was called a racist after she objected to an Islamic slug touching her breasts. 

From friatider.se:

It is not racism when a woman tells a man to stop taking her breasts. It writes 21-year-old Norwegian journalist Elise R. R√łnnevig Andersen in an article in the Norwegian Aftenposten.

Andersen writes in the debate the article, published yesterday, of a self-perceived event that occurred when she took the bus between Oslo and Kristiansand. A contemporary of Iraqi asylum seekers came up and asked if he could sit next to her, which she agreed.

At first, the Iraqi nice and talked about his trip to Norway and how well he was received in Norwegian society. But suddenly he asked her if she had filler in the lips and without waiting for an answer, he took her breasts and pressed his face against her. When she pushed him came the accusation that the young Arab learned is effective in the West, even though he has only been here for a few months:

- Oh my God, are you a racist? he exclaimed.

"Norwegians are afraid of being labeled as racists," Andersen says in her article, and then continues: "But that Norwegian women are forced to go on the defensive when foreign foreign men paws on them is provocative."

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  1. Better being called racist, than raped.
    Better being called fascist, than dead.

  2. They learn fast. Too bad for them that many whites like me don't give a damn if they call us that and will respond with all necessary force.

  3. It is a common tactic used against your daughters in school. Teach them to get past the initial shock. Everyone wants to be liked; no one wants to be called names. Without life's tools you cannot expect your progeny to build their lives


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