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March 10, 2016 -- A head suspected of belonging to a member of the Moroccan mafia in the Netherlands was found at a cafe in Amsterdam. 

The human head was positioned atop a box as to be peering into the cafe through a window. 

The rest of the body — a headless Moroccan — was discovered days ago. Authorities aren't certain to two belong together, but chances are . . .

The Netherlands has been a law-abiding safe haven for countless generations. Only recently has the nation on Germany's northeast border degenerated into chaos as the region is flooded by Islamic insurgents. 


Horrific footage of the severed head has been shared hundreds of times on social media after the gruesome discovery was made outside a café in Amsterdam, the Dutch capital popular with British tourists.

The head was left outside Fayrouz Lounge close to the city's popular Vondelpark this morning.

It comes just one week after footage of a woman carrying a decapitated head in Russia emerged online.

A nanny is believed to have severed the four-year-old girl's head before taking it out onto the streets.

In Amsterdam, the gruesome find was also filmed before being posted to Liveleak.

Dutch media in the area reports a box was placed on its side and the head was positioned so it looked in through the windows of the shisha cafe.

Police are investigating a possible link to a body found in a burning car this week.

The headless body was identified by his fingerprints as 23-year-old Nabil Amzieb - a man detectives confirmed was "known to police".

It has been suggested the man was part of the Dutch capital's Moroccan mafia.

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