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March 1, 2016 -- Nine of ten Germans demand a limit on immigration. 

Angela Merkel, Germany's chancellor, isn't one of them. 

The bullheaded leader of the Leader of the Christian Democratic Union pledge her "damn duty" to the insurgents, most of whom are Muslims. 

Merkel's move is neither Christian, Democratic, or unifying. 

Here is this week's radio show: 



Angela Merkel has declared she will carry out her 'damned duty' to help refugees despite a poll suggest nine out of ten Germans want a limit on migrants entering the country.

The German chancellor appeared on TV in the country last night and was pressed hard on the issue of the migration crisis and how it is affecting Europe.

It came on the same day a new poll was released with only 11 per cent of respondents in Germany saying they didn't want a cap on migrants coming into the country.

And despite being questioned on her stance on not limiting the number of refugees, she said it was the only way to solve the crisis.

Speaking to ARD Television's Anne Will, she said: 'My damn duty and obligation consists of finding a collective way for this Europe (to address the crisis).'

And later on in her appearance, when the German leader was confronted about angry mobs opposing refugees arriving in their towns, she said that the country' constitution's most sacred principle was that 'human dignity is inviolable.'

She added: 'These are citizens who are doing somthing that I deeply reject.'

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