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March 10, 2016 -- Below, a teacher explains the challenges of instructing blacks and Latinos in government schools.

It is my opinion that every government school teacher should be required to be tenured at a majority black school for at least two years before receiving certification. 

The reason? 

The most effective antidote for the cultural Marxism virus is reality. Nothing will purge the white-privilege myth from the minds of recent college grads more readily than immersion into the depths of coarse reality. 

Keep in mind as you read the following, these teens will soon be adults who will demand income parity with students who earn their diplomas and, some, degrees. Also keep in mind our government is using our tax dollars to import hundreds of thousands of low-IQ migrants as "refugees." This migration will further frustrate our culture's ability to function as it becomes overwhelmed with dysfunctional individuals. 

But for the first time in forever I felt a disconnect. Surveying the shiftless bodies before me, I sped up my cadence. Predictably, this only made matters worse. Rather than reconnecting, my new students atomized into pockets of chatter. This caused me to make yet another rookie mistake of increasing my speaking volume to compete with the escalating noise. Catching myself, I halted my intro, planted myself firmly in the middle of the classroom, and made steady eye contact with each of my chattering students as I waited for silence. Some students caught the hint and stopped talking. Most didn’t. And some even continued to talk with a neighbor while making eye contact with me. Intentionally or not, some of my students were already testing me.

As the chatter regained momentum, I raised my voice to yet another notch. “Let’s remember: only one person speaks at a time in this class!” But things only got worse. Pockets of chattering students gave way to a wave of loud, unstructured kid talk. And now I was yelling:


Barely five minutes into the class period and my teacher’s voice was already decimated. More importantly, I had completely lost control. With their unrelenting chatter and refusal to listen, my students were sending a resounding signal that they were not interested in anything I had to say. A fiery sensation flooded my head and belly. Was it shame? Anguish? Having been mothballed in my long-term memory for so long, I had forgotten what the feeling even was. And then it hit me: It was the sting of ineffectiveness.

In the end, 54 minutes had passed without completion of a single activity.

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  1. Black students need black teachers? Why, so they can feel less stupid?

    Honestly, why? You are in school to learn, how about we just teach kids to pay attention and RESPECT a person?

    However, no, we must place black teachers in there to push segregation.. You're not for that?