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March 16, 2016 -- A 16-year-old Libyan befriended an Austrian woman on a subway and attempted to rape her after luring her and a friend to a house and forcing them into a basement, reports say. 

The women were 18 and 20 years old. 

Overground Railroad: 
Let them escape white racism and return to Mexico!

The 20 year old managed to tear herself away from her attacker and alert police. The 18 year old was rescued from the cellar. 

The attacks occurred Saturday in Vienna. 

Earlier this week we reported that the German web site published an article encouraging white women to find love with refugee males. Such articles may be complicit in persuading gullible young white women to place themselves at risk. 


A 16-year-old refugee is accused of luring a young Austrian woman into a house, forcing her into a basement and attempting to rape her.

The Libyan teenager is being held by police after the 18-year-old woman was rescued from a cellar in Vienna.

A second, older woman, 20, managed to tear herself away from her attacker on Saturday and alerted police.

The migrant, who is registered as living in an asylum centre in the capital, allegedly met the two friends on the subway between Spittelau and Praterstern at 4am on Saturday.

He is said to have convinced them to join him for a drink at a bar, but instead took them to a house and tried to pull them downstairs into the basement.

He allegedly grabbed both women by their arms, according to a police report, but the younger of the friends escaped. 

She frantically called police to report that her friend was being held against her will at a property close to Prater amusement park, home to the iconic Vienna Ferris Wheel.

The 18-year-old said she was forced to the floor and the Libyan teenager allegedly attempted to rape her.

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  1. the same women that will vote for this leftist crap and flirt with mud races. my sympathy's are growing tired.