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March 4, 2016 -- The media call them desperate. I call them depraved. 

"Refugees" were photographed holding their babies to razor wire in an effort to convince authorities to open the border between Greece and Macedonia. 

The path to the most lucrative subsidized living in Germany, Sweden, and other nations goes through Macedonia. The migrants could remain in Greece or they could have remained in their homelands.

Here is this week's radio show: 


The media continue to portray the insurgents as pathetic huddled masses yearning to breath free when, in reality, they are Muslims enticed to displace Western culture. 

Desperate parents are resorting to holding their babies up to the razor wire in a gut wrenching plea to Macedonian border guards to let them through and continue their journey into Europe.

Frustrated, freezing and exhausted, the thousands of families from Iraq and Syria have left their war-torn country to risk the choppy waters of the Aegean sea and are now forced to appeal to the hearts of the guards at the Idomeni camp on the Greek-Macedonian border.

The defenseless infants - some just a few weeks old and wrapped in woolly hats and blankets are presented as proof of their parent's anguish.

Up to 10,000 people - including 2,500 children - are now waiting at the gates of the 19-mile long fence, while hundreds more arrive every day to find overstretched aid agencies struggling to cope with the worst humanitarian crisis in decades. 

‘We’re shocked at how many children we see,' Save The Children's Imad Aoun told MailOnline. 'When they hold their kids up to the border guards they’re saying it’s not about us adults – we’re here for our children. They want to get their kids out.' 

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  1. And we should say no because of OUR children, Imad Aoun.
    Imad Aoun doesn't care about white children, he cares about muslim children. At least as much as those parents willing to put their babies so close to a barbed wire, when any moment somebody behind could push and a disaster could happen... But muslims have been known to use children to achieve their goals, and their goals is to "kill the unbeliever WHEREVER they are AND UNTIL there is no religion but for allah" koran verse 9:5 (pay attention that there is no limit in time and geography, and that we are unbelievers.)

  2. This global migration insanity would not be happening if countries would PREVENT the invaders from setting foot on their soil in the first place. WHY ARE UNITED STATES AND EUROPEAN COUNTRIES ADMITTING THESE NE'ER-DO-WELLS into their lands? Stop admitting them! Stop paying them to come and invade and suck your resources! WISE UP!

    If 10,000 cats come meowing at your door, do you let them in? WAKE UP. The invaders must return home and fend for themselves. The West OWES THEM NOTHING.