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March 6, 2016 -- A 29-year-old woman was brutally attacked by a mob of Islamic insurgents in Sweden. 

Reports say the thugs slashed the chest of 29-year-old Nathalie Hager and beat her as she was walking home from a bus stop. The crime occurred in Nora, Sweden. 
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The attackers were described as Arabs. 

Taharrush. That's the word used by Muslims that means "collective harassment."

Muslims almost never attack as individuals, but prefer to single out soft targets for taharrush. No-go zones throughout Europe are notorious for taharrush. Police officers often find it impossible to make arrests in no-go zones due to taharrush. When officers attempt to arrest an lone Muslim they often find themselves surrounded by a mob. 


Nathalie Hager, 29, was walking home from a bus stop Tuesday night when three or four Arab men went on the attack. She managed to escape just before they could rape her, but received serious injuries. 

- I was bruised in the face and had one breast cut down while shouting "Swedish whore", says Nathalie for free times.

The attack took place near the church in Nora north of Örebro late Tuesday night. Nathalie, who because of the hard blows she received to the head have memory lapses of the night, had followed a girlfriend to the bus stop.

Nathalie later went back there to see if her friend had forgotten his gloves at the scene. When she was on the way from the bus stop, she heard that a group of men started walking briskly behind her. She started to run, but after about a hundred meters had time to catch up with the men.

- They pushes me down on my stomach and tearing my hair up a paved hill and into an alley. I have no memories of that hit me but I'm bruised in the face. They also cut down my one breast with something that must have been a dull knife or a razor blade, because it is so deep and narrow wounds. I also have big black marks on his arms where they stuck me.

She has no recollection of what happened until she saw that they took off their pants and was about to rape her.

- When I came round and noticed that they had ripped up all my clothes. Somehow I managed to get out of there, I guess I turned and clawed them for my hands are blue and black and swollen. I also had blood under the nails that police have scratched.

Nathalie managed to run from the scene and when she saw her boyfriend from 50 meters departed men. Shortly thereafter, at 23 o'clock on Tuesday, she contacted the police and had come to the police station to report the assault.

According to Nathalie, who has worked with Arabs, men of 30-35 years old and spoke Arabic with what she believes is the Syriac dialect. One of them was wearing a white hat and the other in caps.

Shouting "Swedish whore" 

- The friend I went to the bus said it had been a bunch of foreign guys at the bus stop after I walked away. Some climbed on a bus but three or four people remained in Nora.

In addition to speaking Arabic were the men of the few simple expressions in Swedish in connection with the rape attempt.

- It was just a dirty word. "Swedish whore" or "Swedish slut" and "pussy". There was no full sentences. In my opinion they could not Swedish except these words, so I suspect they were asylum seekers.

According to Nathalie, the police have not heard from her since she set up notification on Tuesday evening. She has tried to contact the police because she discovered more injuries as the police are not documented and because she has realized that her recollection was partly inaccurate. But no one has heard of him.

- They sent only on me and in the end I was told that there was someone who could help me now, but I have to wait for the appointment of an officer in charge of this case. I can not get hold of anyone and there is no one who takes hold of to help.

- During the long time I sat in conversations with various police officers who I was connected to the phone so no one was recorded and showed little interest when I named people, including my friend at the bus station, as seen men and most likely can provide good descriptions of them.

Media blinds 

The only newspaper that has raised the cap is Nerikes Allehanda, NA, which in a very short notice writes that a woman "got torn jacket and other clothing" in connection with an attempted rape.

- It made me very angry that there was such little notice. I know there are several people, including women friends of mine, who have contacted NA and told me that they had been subjected to harassment and that people have worn them. But it has not written anything about it in the newspaper, says Nathalie.

Free times during Friday sought more responsible for police in Örebro, but without result.

Right now Sweden says no to criminal immigrants should stay in Sweden. The petition has attracted tens of thousands of Swedes on the social networking site Facebook. 

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