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March 20, 2016 -- Within fifty years the empires of the Mycenaeans, Manoans, Hittites, and Canaanites were destroyed.

Civilizations surrounding the Mediterranean Sea collapsed under the weight of a massive migration of invaders known to historians as the Sea Peoples

Only the Egyptians managed to survive, but their empire was irreversible damaged.  

Civilization fell into a dark ages. The once highly civilized cultures forgot how to write. Innovations stalled and the massive structures that previously characterized the empires were no longer being built. 

The flourishing era of the Bronze Age (1400 to 1200 bc) had come to an abrupt end. 

The migrants destroyed the empires by shear numbers. Archaeologists point to about 80 settlements where remnants of the once advanced empires found refuge. 

It would be another 200 years before civilization began to re-emerge from the devastation. 

A similar scenario is unfolding at this very moment as hordes of insurgents are invading Western Europe and much of North America. 

Today's invasion is not the same as that of 1200 bc. Unlike the Bronze Age civilizations of the Aegean and Near East, Western Europe and the America's are not resisting the invasion. Rather, treasonous politicians are intentionally encouraging it. 

And unlike the age of darkness that followed the Sea People's invasion, today's conquered people have nowhere to flee. There will be no places of refuge. Rather, Western culture is being permanently destroyed. 

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