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March 14, 2016 -- One-year-old Dean watched as his bloodied father stumbled into the bedroom. 

Nico Ras, 31, had been attacked in his home by eight savage Africans. 

“Pappa eina [Daddy ouch],” the boy said to his father. 

Overground Railroad:
Let them escape white racism and return to Mexico!

Ras later died at a Petroria hospital. 

Khosian tribesmen lived a
paleolithic existence for
thousands of years
The murder underscores the racist hate that has embraced South Africa. 

Ironically, Ras was one-year-old when South Africa's apartheid government fell to a one-party "democracy." Still, cultural Marxism spins the perpetual myth that the white founders of the nation are to blame for the nation's failures.

In reality, Dutch settlers found the region void of human habitation, save a few tribesmen known as the Khoisan. Europeans introduced aboriginals to advanced Western technology, transforming the vast wilderness into a marvel of innovation. 

The prosperity of South Africa attracted sub-Saharan Africans by the millions. By the mid-20th century the nation was overwhelmed by descendants of black immigrants. Today the black population still enjoys the luxuries of Western enhancements. 

Whites transformed South Africa into
a technological wonderland
Few blacks in South Africa appreciate the prosperity begotten by their white benefactors. Prodded by Marxist propaganda, many blacks actually hate the white minority and treat them with disdain. 

Nico Ras is the latest of thousands of white South Africans who has perished as the nation regresses to the norm. 

For more informaton, google the search term South Africa Farm Murders, then click on images.


When Nico Ras went into his bedroom, his 1-year-old son saw his bloodied form and knew his father was hurt.

“Pappa eina [Daddy ouch],” little Dean said to his 31-year-old father.  

Ras’s last words to his wife, Antoinette, were: “Honey, I love you.” He later died in Kalafong Hospital.

He had been shot twice in the stomach and once in the back, Netwerk24 reported on Monday.

The incident occurred on Friday night when eight armed suspects broke into a house on a smallholding in Kameeldrift West, Pretoria. Three families live in the house. Nico and JJ Venter were shot in the attack.

Antoinette said the attackers first hit Venter and his fiancée, Marlice Jacobs, in their room at about 23:00.

Jacobs was starting to doze off and the couple’s 4-year-old daughter, Abigail, was asleep when Venter saw the gang through the bedroom window.

"Here, liefie. Here, liefie. Hier is die kak nou [Lord, love. Lord, love. Here is the shit now],” screamed Venter. He grabbed a knife while Jacobs hid Abigail behind the bedroom door.

Meanwhile, Nico was standing outside smoking. The gang beat him with the butt of a handgun.

Jacobs said there were many shots, more than 20. She said the assailants tried to enter the room when they heard Venter trying to call the police.

They shot Venter twice in his back. The attackers then tried to break down the bedroom door while firing several shots into the room.

The gang then moved onto the Ras family. While the injured Nico was lying outside on the grass, one of the attackers broke a window and climbed inside.

Antoinette grabbed her pepper spray and began spraying him. The attacker, armed with a screwdriver, then ran off with the others.

Among the items stolen were Nico and Antoinette’s cellphones. Jacobs believes the gang came “to kill. They didn’t come to steal”.

Police spokesperson Captain Thomas Mufumadi, said the police found five handguns and a 9mm. No one has yet been arrested.

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