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March 19, 2016 -- Censorbugbear Reports has published a list of white people murdered in South Africa between Feb. 1 and March 18, 2016. 

The murders don't include deaths caused by intentional neglect in hospitals. 

Among those murdered was a physician, Dr. Bennie Cilliers. The doctor was executed with a shot the head. His wife was also shot in the head but survived and was hospitalized. The crime occurred in Rouxville and was reported Jan. 29, 2016. 

Savages in South Africa continue to kill the nation's most resourceful citizens as the once prosperous nation regresses to the norm (the average IQ is 77). The death of Cilliers removes a productive citizen who provided both food and health care to South Africans. Individuals with low IQs are unable to comprehend the long term consequences of their actions, explaining why areas dominated by low-intelligent populations such as South Africa, Haiti, and Detroit regress to poverty.  

The regressive left ignores the prosperity provided by the former apartheid system and, simultaneously, ignores the devastation caused by the nation's one-party "democracy."

According to
Rouxville - Rouxville farmer, Dr Bennie Cilliers, was a friendly and cheerful person who truly cared for his patients.

This is how Reverend Koos Möller describes the GP who was found murdered in his farmhouse this morning.

Cilliers' wife, Cecilia, sustained a serious head injury after being shot and was flown by air ambulance to Mediclinic Bloemfontein. The couple was discovered by a farm worker around 09:30 this morning.

Meanwhile, Free State Agriculture is shocked about the incident. FSA Safety and Security Committee Chairperson, Tommie Esterhuyse, says FSA representatives are currently on the farm. Esterhuyse says the increasing number of farm attacks since last year is a cause of great concern.

Farm Attack statistics released this week by Free State Agriculture and VKB show a worrying upward trend in the number of incidents recorded annually. FSA says there were 79 farm attacks in the province during the course of 2015.

ht / Karin Smith

1 March - Dr Bennie Cilliers, GP, tortured to death, Rouxville FS
5 March - Sam van der Westhuizen 78 - beaten to death Aliwal North
5 March - Anton Verwey 67 - Stabbed to death - Ixopo, Durban KZN
6 March - Abraham Koekemoer 59 - Strangled - Greenwood Park Dbn
7 March - Casper van der Westhuizen 68 -shot dead Mindalore Gau
7 March - Franziska Bröchliger, 16, (c) dghtr Swiss immigrant, Tokai
7 March - Lorenzo Franceshci, 45, Italian, Pmaritzburg dragged*
7 March - Paul Swart 86 - Bludgeoned to death - Sasolburg
9 March - Marietjie Meyer 46 - poor white camp - Randfontein
9 March - Kayla Meyer 9 - daughter above - Randfontein
9 March - Kennith McCormack 42 -poor white- Randfontein
9 March - Monty McCormack 73 - UK resident visitor - Randfontein
11 March - Nico Ras 34 - poor-white camp: shot dead - Kameeldrift, Pta
14 March - Johann Le Roux 61 - Beaten to to death Hartbeespoortdam
15 March - Kobus Visser, 54, guard: stabbed to death: farm Bredasdorp
01 Feb - Danie Botha 53, (c.h.) *cross-fire by neighbour* Richards Bay
01 Feb - Mrs Mauri van Niekerk, 86, Westerbloem home, Bloemfontein
03 Feb - John Brabish 80, UK-born historian/botanist, Lady Grey EC
08 Feb - Lloyd Farmer, 62, Kenhardt, bashed to death
08 Feb - Gerhardt Fourie 68, murdered, Hartswater NC farm
11 Feb - 3 executions: Lt-col Rounita Burgess (C) dghtr Randy 9 & R. Salo
11 Feb - Daughter Randy Burgess, (c) executed with mother (above)
11 Feb - Mr R. Salo;(c) friend of Burgess family: executed in hatecrime
12 Feb - Reagon Payne, 15, (c) thrown off train Tijgerberg railway station
12 Feb - Kevin Imerson, 53, dragged to death*, Amanzimtoti
17 Feb - Randall Basson, 70 strangled,ABSA bank exec Wilgers, Pta:
20 Feb - Unnamed white Riverclub, Sandton man shot by bl gunmen:
03 Jan - Herman van Schalkwyk *dies in c.h. crash with Minister's car:
06 Jan - Johan de Beer, 54, lecturer, smothered plastic bag PtaUni
07 Jan - Summary, murders & attacks against Afrikaners in Kleinfontein
16 Jan - Jannie Stander, Muldersdrift, wife and baby survived:
16 Jan - Karen Rautenbach 48, strangled, Brentwood Park Benoni
17 Jan - Bernie van Zyl 84, Panbult farm, Amersfoort
19 Jan - SAPS Capt Dennis Poortman: stabbedby 4bm Pta highway
19 Jan - David Strauss 76 stabbed to death (tied up) P'maritzburg:
19 Jan - Ann Strauss 73 stabbed to death (tied up) P'maritzburg
20 Jan - Charlotte van Zyl 55, Dirkiesdorp Piet Retief by black male
20 Jan - Johannes van Zyl 84 Dirkiesdorp Piet Retief by black male
22 Jan - Pikkie Nel 70 murdered while fishing Pietersburg:
26 Jan - Gordon Donaldson, 55, handcombat with 5 black gunmen
30 Jan - SAPS Supt Coert Jordaan, 40 shot in back while fishing off duty
30 Jan - Dr Steyn Steenekamp 76: 2 homeless w/m arrested Mooinooi
30 Jan - Mutilated body-parts of whites found in Hazyview bank (muti?)

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More racist hate crime reports at [click here]

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