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March 3, 2016 -- A member of the M66, a far-left political party in The Netherlands, posted on Twitter that he planned to shoot patriot leader Geert Wilders in the head. 

Wilders reposted the tweet leading to the suspension of Mahir Mohamed, who had been the treasurer for the party's youth wing. 

Wilders is currently facing prosecution for hate speech, a crime in The Netherlands. There was no indication that Mohamed would be prosecuted for hate speech or making death threat. 

The head of the youth wing expressed shock upon hearing the report, stating that Mohamed is an intelligent young man. In reality Muslims in the Middle-east tend to have IQ ranging in the middle 80s. They also seem to have a penchant for killing people and committing terror attacks — 27,920 since Sept. 11, 2001.

We wonder why anyone would be shocked upon learning a Muslim of Middle-east origin was dumb enough to threaten to kill a world-famous patriot on the Internet.

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