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March 2, 2016 -- What could be worse? 

The first legal slave owner in the Unite States, Anthony Johnson, was black. Thousands of black Americans owned black slaves. Black people have actually been known to vote for Republicans. 

So what could be worse? 

The Daily Mail is reporting a black waiter in Texas wrote "BLACK PPL" on the receipt of black patrons. Gasp.

Occasionally restaurant workers will identify patrons by physical characteristics; a simple and efficient means to avoid confusion when serving tables. 

However, acknowledging that black customers are black is taboo; it reinforces stereotypes and hurts their feelings. 21st-century ethics only allows blacks to be identified as "black" when they are victims, real or imagined; such as "black lives matter" or "an unarmed black teen."


An Austin couple were shocked to find their IHOP receipt describe them as 'BLACK PPL'.

Arainia Brown and her boyfriend Rolman Sparkman were traveling back to Austin early Monday when they decided to grab a to-go order from IHOP.

Around 3am the couple stopped at the IHOP at Interstate 35 and Cesar Chavez. 

Brown who was the first to notice the receipt with the words 'BLACK PPL' typed at the top, immediately became upset. 

She told KHOU that she felt sad and angry at the same time. 

'You could have asked me my name,' said Brown. 'Don't label me. I don't label you.'

Brown said to make matters worse, the server was a young black man. 

Sparkman told KHOU that being described that way on the receipt 'is not a joke'. 

He said that 'it's very serious and it hurt a lot of people's feelings'.
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  1. Where's there's diversity, there will always be racism.
    And there are so many contradictions in racist ideology, that you just can not win ever.
    Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
    Life is a struggle and we all get to eat crap sometimes, but people with black skin, get to look at themselves and say "I'm eating crap because of this", it aren't true snowflake, as we're at the same trough, the only difference we don't have any special cards to play.

  2. use negro or groid they hate it.