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March 6, 2016 -- Are there no "poor, elderly or homeless Americans left in South Dakota for the good Lutherans to help?" asks Ann Corcoran.

Corcoran publishes a blog dedicated to exposing the colonization of America by mostly Muslims, compliments of American taxpayers. 

Kenn interviews Colin Flaherty

At issue is Lutheran Social Services Center for New Americans. The organization admits to contracting with the federal government (translation: The non-profit transfers tax dollars from your pocket to its coffers via the federal government) to ship "refugees" from the uttermost parts of the earth to South Dakota and elsewhere. 

You may read Cocoran's post here ►

So how much cash is flowing from taxpayers to the Lutherans? 

"$296 million went to LIRS alone since Obama took office," writes Corcoran. 

Where are the vociferous defenders of separation of church and state? 

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has been in Whitefish, Montana trying to get Jesus to come down from Big Mountain. They failed

Americans find it peculiar that some European nations support religious institutions with tax dollars. 

A bit of trivia: Church tax is compulsory for Catholics in Austria. The tax was introduced by Adolf Hitler in 1939. 

In Croatia about 0.46% of the budget goes to the Catholic church. 

About 13% of the budget for the Church of Denmark comes from taxpayers. Members of the church pay 1% to the church via the government. 

Taxpayers also fund churches in Germany, Iceland, Finland, and Italy. We wonder how long it will be until governments fund Islam. 

More trivia: About 97 percent of Indians in South Dakota live below the federal poverty line. We wonder why the Lutherans are focused on importing Muslims rather than helping natives. The unemployment rate reaches 95%. [source]

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