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March 6, 2016 -- Patriots are poised to take the upper hand in Europe and that has some traitors worried. 

Traitors attempt to marginalize patriots with terms such as "far right," failing to note that among the most stalwart defenders of Western culture are extreme leftists, such as Slovakia's prime minister Robert Fico. 

"Expert" Rafal Pankowski, professor at the Collegium Civitas, is particularly worried that the success of nationalism in Poland is a contagion infecting the rest of Western Europe. Let's hope he's correct. 
Kenn interviews Colin Flaherty

The media portray treasonous "experts" and organizations as "anti-racist."

Polish far right groups are extending their influence across Europe through radicalised members of the country's diaspora, a leading expert has warned.

Rafal Pankowski, professor at the Collegium Civitas and a director of the Never Again anti-racism group, said that branches of far-right groups had been set up in Polish immigrant communities throughout Europe, where they are forming alliances with native anti-immigrant groups, and engaging in racist attacks.

In an interview with IBTimes UK, he stressed of "the active role of [Polish far-right] organisations and networks in moving or leading some of those groups or some of those people into certain dangerous directions" adding "I would not underestimate the role of those groups in poisoning community relations."

The warning comes with Polish far-right groups stepping up their activity across Europe in response to the refugee crisis. In February, fourteen far right activists in Sweden were arrested for planning to attack asylum seekers with axes, iron pipes and knives. Swedish police said some of the men were residents of Sweden, while others had travelled to the country.

Last week Polish far-right activists joined UK extremists the North-West Infidels at a rally in Liverpool, where they clashed with anti-racism demonstrators.

Warsaw is the location of one of Europe's largest far-right rallies, with tens of thousands of extremists from throughout Europe gathering on 11 November every year to mark the country's independence day. Last year, 50,000 attending the rally, burning EU flags and chanting anti-Islam and anti-EU slogans.

The occasion has provided an ideal opportunity for Polish extremists to build alliances across the continent.

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