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March 26, 2016 -- To what extremes will genocidal maniacs go to erase Western culture?

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A restaurant in Oregon is being targeted by Europhobic haters because of its British theme. 


Oregon, you'll recall, is the state where Christophobes attacked a bakery operated by Christians who refused to bake a cake for a homosexual couple. It is considered the most left-leaning state outside New England. 

The objective of the Europhobic haters transcends the closing of the restaurant. Their display of hate is a provocative demonstration intended to intimidate other businesses to shy away from any theme that would honor our culture. 

That strategy can backfire if patriots determine to patronize businesses that express pride in Western civilization. 

Saffron Colonial is located at 4120 N. Williams in Portland, Oregon. If you live in the area, be sure to patronize these patriots. 


Among the towering new housing projects that line North Williams Avenue sits a restaurant that has become a focus of controversy for some.

It’s so new there isn’t even a sign hanging in front of the Saffron Colonial.

Last Saturday, owner Sally Krantz came out from the kitchen and saw about 30 protesters outside the restaurant’s front door. Protesters seized on the word colonial in the restaurant name, saying it glorified racist destruction of cultures subjected to colonialism.

“One woman was screaming at me about the Native American issue, somebody else was screaming at me about the fact that this whole area is gentrified and I shouldn’t even have taken the premises and that nobody should be living in this area,” she told KOIN 6 News.

Krantz, a French-trained chef, said she has no agenda and there’s no racist intent in the restaurant name. There’s Colonial Williamsburg, colonial architecture, she pointed out, and said she’s just trying to sell food.

“I found it surprising and I found it also a bit strange that none of these people live in the area and they are expressing outrage on behalf of a group that they are not part of.”

She said it feels sort of like an episode of “Portlandia.” She said she’s had a vast majority of people say they support her she’s all ears to a new name — but so far protests from last weekend have not affected revenue.

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